Ultrafine Mill In Bauxite Grinding

With increasing need for fine and ultrafine grinding, stirred media mills became an alternative for conventional ball mills. In this study, samples of bauxite whose chemical composition and Hardgrove Index values are known were ground to micronized size by a laboratory scale stirred media mill and its performance was compared with a laboratory scale ball (Bond) mill.

Ultrafine Mill Ferrite Grains

The results show that the temperature of 650 facilitates the formation of ultrafine homogeneous microstructure.

Impact of Ultrafine Mill

Ground ultrafine and nano- materials are mainly produced by wet stirred media milling. The product related stress model can be used for the optimization of such grinding processes.

Vertical Stirred Mill Scale-up

Effect of media size and mechanical properties on milling efficiency and media consumption, Application of the product related stress model for product dispersity control in dry stirred media.


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