Silica Sand Screen Washing Machinery

Silica sand screen washing machinery is employed to take away the undesired supplies in silica sand. Its purpose should be to enhance the high-quality of silica sand. The components include the required gravel in building-site, gravel factories, hydropower station and concrete dam web page, post and electric pole factory, casting-70 silica sand, glass factory’s quartz silica sand and refilling pressure silica sand.


  • Efficient washing;
  • Re-use of washed silica sand;
  • Reduction of organic content;
  • Decreased disposal charges;
  • Minimization of odour complications;
  • High finish guarantees a lengthy life time;
  • Easy to sustain and convenient to operate;
  • Designed with rational structure, novel seal structure, totally enclosed oil bath sort gearing and adjustable overflow weir plate;
  • The silica sand washer saves water resources and causes no pollution. It truly is very durable.


It is broadly applied for cleaning supplies in the following industries: quarry, minerals, building materials, transportation, chemical business, water conservancy and hydropower, silica sand mixture station and so on.

Silica sand screen washing machinery is employed to obtain silica sand that meet market specifications including grain size, fineness or for cleaning dangerous components like clay, natural matter, chloride, sulphates, etc. These silica sand washers are also designed for new applications for example manufacturing silica sand for top-quality concrete, automatic restructuring of silica sand grain size curves or treating contaminated soil.

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