Limestone Roll Crusher Operation

The operators should to do maintenance work when roll crusher at work, so as to extend the using life of the crusher. Therefore, it is very important to what should you know in limestone roll crusher operation.In this regard, look what should pay attention when the limestone roll crusher in the work.

1. Spend focus for the bolt-on condition and instantly tighten up if any bolt loosen;

2..Commencing the limestone roll crusher to begin with, feed material after the machine operating generally;

3.On a regular basis check the sporting parts of limestone roll crusher, pay out consideration to substitute sporting component at any time. Check the discharge affliction of roll crusher, eradicate materials if any blocking happened;

4.The machine should really not be overload, spend awareness on the electric instrument at any time;

5.The bearing of roll crusher must be refueled timely and avoid oil leaking inside the bearing;

6.Control the bearing temperature rather than greater than the surrounding air 25 to 30 ℃.

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