Graphite Mining Equipment For Sale

Graphite is mined around the world by both open pit and underground methods. While flake graphite and amorphous graphite are both mined open pit and underground, lump graphite is only mined underground in Sri Lanka. Open pit mines employ heavy equipment to scoop up the ore, which is usually put in trucks and moved to the plant.

Open pit mining method is the widely applied mining technique for graphite all over the world. SBM has been specialized in mining technology for several decades. We developed complete series of open pit graphite mining equipment for sale, including extraction plant, quarry plant, crushing machine, grinding mill, screening machine, separation equipment, processing plant, flotation machine, classifier etc.

With know-how technology, we alos customize cutting-edge mining solution according to customers’ requirements. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us for more information. We will provide you best service.

Flake Graphit Concentration Process

The specific gravity method of ore concentration is subdivided into the wet and dry process. Both methods require that the ore, as it comes from the mine, be reduced to a pulverized condition. This was achieved by the use of crushers and stamps. The crushers reduced the ore to one and one half to three-inch pieces. From the crushers, the ore was sent to the stamps. A stamp is a heavy cam pestle that is raised in a huge iron mortar by steam or other power working; when dropped, the stamp or pestle creates a finely crushed ore.

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