Fly Ash Ball Mill for Sale

Fly ash and cement processing industry is a very important industry in Canada. Fly ash is one of the larger industrial residues of displacement and used in cement mixing, mortar, fillers, brick-making industry after ground by ball mill, it can be regarded as the most potential for the use of way. For cement products, the process utilizes a physical ash conditioning stage to improve the particle size distribution and surface area. For the best quality results, we utilize our proprietary sonic reactor which utilizes vibrational energy. We also classify and separate small particle size ash for use in premium concretes.

Fly Ash Ball Mill for Sale in Canada

Ball mill is a form of sophisticated international amount of higher energy and low energy consumption. Ball mill performance in various ore fine broken equipment plays an irreplaceable part. Finished product fineness distinct specifications, proportional for the size of production and body components. Ball mill is our chief engineer around the basis of years of R & D experience in mining machinery, combined with the actual situation of the device users over the years, the need for the development of the mining industry, a new type of self-developed patented solution, thus creating an international industrial milling broken higher efficiency, low power consumption of a new era. Fly ash ball mill for sale is popular in Canada.

Features of Ball Mill

  • Simple structure, convenient maintenance, high capacity;
  • Easy installation, long-time continuous operation;
  • Wearing parts are wear resistant, with a long life.
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