Concrete Aggregate Mobile Crusher

With the increasing requirement for recycling in the demolition industry, more and more pressure will be put on demolition sites to ensure material is source segregated. One such operation is the crushing of concrete and asphalt material. This work is generally completed with the use of a concrete aggregate mobile crusher which is brought to the project site after a concrete pile has been created and the material is ready to be prepared into a base material. The crushed material will then be left on site for the owners to use at their discretion. SBM can provide the advanced concrete aggregate mobile crusher to all the contractors.

Concrete Aggregate Mobile Crusher

Mobile concrete aggregate crushing is the trained custom aggregate crushing and screening contractor, available on jobsites worldwide. Financially strong and bondable, SBM offers clients a turnkey approach to demolition, concrete recycling and remediation projects by via the following services:

  • Demolition;
  • Onsite concrete aggregate crushing and recycling;
  • Environmental remediation / brown field Redevelopment;
  • Rigging;
  • Surplus and used equipment sales;
  • Interior demolition;
  • Equipment removal, dismantlement, & salvage;
  • Scrap metal recycling.

Mobile crushing plant is the best choice for processing recycled concrete aggregates due to its mobility and flexibility. The hydraulic driven track mounted mobile crushing plant, developed by SBM, meets the demands for processing recycled concrete aggregates. The plant, walking on the chassis, is a mobile machine for recycled concrete aggregate crushing. It has reached the international standard set for this kind of equipment due to its high performance and reliability. It is suitable for the processing of rocks, ores, and bulks of paving bitumen concrete and demolition debris of concrete generated during building dismantlement.

There are many choices available for the assembly of the concrete aggregate mobile crushing plant. The clients could make the decision in accordance with their specific situation. The equipment offers the process of crushing first and screening next, the process of screening first and crushing next, or performs the two processes separately. The crushing plant could be designated as two section crushing and screening system including coarse and fine crushing, or three section crushing and screening system including coarse, medium and fine crushing.

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