Complete Aggregate Production Line

Combining Production Planning Model of Product Line

Mixed production plan model of product line can be summed up in a kind of network flow plan issue. According to the characteristics of network flow plan issue, the production schedule model of product network flow is established through describing digraph-connected graph of production procedure of iron and steel enterprise.

Its goal function is the biggest profit of production of product line, restrain functions are the capacity limiting conditions, the balanced condition of the middle peak point, capacity restrain with supply and sell production and restrain with enterprise procedure process resources.

optimization of production planning of steel works

The optimization of production planning of steel works is described as a problem of maximum profit flow sharing a few resources, in which vertices represent, raw materials, work in process or finished goods, and arcs represent processes. A network of the optimized algorithm, is proposed with complexity analysis and an example. The result shows the algorithm is effective and simpler than simplex algorithm.

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