Coal Mining Process Flowchart

Question: Can SBM make an overview of coal mining process flowchart for me?

Answer: Thanks for your question.

Firstly, large coal-bearing stones are crushed by coal crushers to a size of 20 to 25 mm , and then they are fed to coal bunkers. Through the vibrating screen, those crushed coal stones are continuously enter the coal mill. Coal gets ground by grinding machines in the coal plant. Coal particles get re-circulated around four times before achieving required fineness.

Classifier allows finer particles to escape mill outlet while coarse particles are returned to mill for further grinding. Primary air is supplied by fan through air pre heaters to coal mill or in some boilers, fan pressurize hot air received from air pre heaters and then supply to mills.

Hot primary air drives moisture from coal and acts as carrier to transport pulverized coal to the boiler through pipes. However, the above can be considered as the brief overview of coal mining process flowchart.

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