Coal Grinding Mill in Cement Plant

Coal grinding mill (coal pulcerizer) would be the vital machine utilised in cement plant, due to the fact coal may be the critical raw materials in cement production line. Coal powder after grinding by coal mill enter in to the rotary kiln with each other with cement raw meal for burning. Coal powder has unique strict demand in fineness. The completed size is 0.0445mm. Coal mill is major equipment of cement plant and used for drying and grinding coal. The equipment is mainly consisted of feed device, main bearings, rotating parts, drive device, selling device, high-voltage start-up device and lubrication system. So coal grinding mill is widely used in cement plant.

Quality Coal Grinding Mill for Sale

For coal mill, you’ve got a number of kinds to select from SBM.

Coal ball mill is extensively utilised in cement market. There are two varieties: wet ball mill and dry ball mill. Ball mill has a straightforward structure, low expense, high capacity and hassle-free maintenance. The completed size is not even.

Coal vertical coal mill can also be referred to as vertical roller mill, and is also broadly utilised in cement sector. Vertical cement mill is huge in look with high capacity. For clinker grinding, we typically use this vertical cement mill. The completed size might be upto 0.045mm.

Coal raymond mill may be the early grinding mill, but now continues to be utilized broadly. The completed particles might be upto 0.044mm, and have a excellent uniformity of fineness with passing screen rate as high as 98%.

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