Calcium Carbonate Grinding Mill

Hammer mill used to crush calcium carbonate with feeding size of approximately 75mm from primary crushing.

1. Scientific Inlet and Outlet Designs

Advanced foreign technology has been adopted to optimize hammer mill whose inlet is greatly expanded to receive more materials and outlet is added with a demagnetizer to avoid end products from being magnetized.

2. Saving Energy

Even as a single unit, a hammer mill used to occupy major proportion of total energy consumption. So in order to response to the call of environment conservation in the new era, after so many efforts, have successfully designed a new type of hammer mill which could help you to improve efficiency into a higher level.

3. Less Dust

Strong vibration of traditional equipment in operation makes tiny material dust extremely active when materials are delivered among spiral classifier, hammer mill and others, which could cause considerable damage to environment. Whereas, hammer mill is able to work in a totally sealing condition and reduce air pollution after being updated.

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