Bauxite Ore Screening Machinery

Screening is integral step in bauxite ore processing process. Between each crushing, grinding and processing stage, there will be screening plant to separate the different particle size, and to ensure the whole process going on smoothly.

We provide wide range of screening machines for small and medium capacities, which is also being developed further using up to date technology. We build and supply specialised screening machines for pre-screening, underwater screening and sand-screening. They can be applied mobile, stationary, with dust covers, or for classifying under inert gases etc.

We provide various types of bauxite ore screening machinery for sale, such as vibrating screen, roller screen, trommel screen etc. Our screening plant has the benefits of high production capacity, low energy cost, easy operation and maintenance, duarable for hard, hot, and abrasive materials.

Bauxite Screening Machine Design

The bauxite ore screen frame, consisting of side plates and crossmembers, absorbs all static and dynamic forces. The drive shaft with counter weights runs in two roller bearing which are positioned at the centre of gravity. Drive is either via V-belts or flexible coupling.

Larger machines can be additionally equipped with a primary shaft and centrifugal coupling. Lubrication of the bearings is either by oil or grease. The screen frame with four sets of springs rests on the support construction and can be manufactured to accept lengthwise or crosswise tensioned sieves as well as flat panels. For dusty materials we can supply the machines with either a dust hood or a complete dust enclosure.

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