Antimony Ore Beneficiation and Processing

Normally speaking, antimony ore beneficiation method can be divided into the following methods, namely, communication, grading, separating, concentrating and drying.

1.Crushing approach: antimony ore beneficiation starts with all the milling of extracted ore in preparation for further activities to recover antimony values.  Primary crushing and screening take place at the mine website. Primary crushing is achieved by utilizing jaw crushers and impact crushers. Oversize material is passed by way of additional crushers and classifiers to attain the desired particle size;

2.The ore is then crushed and sized at a secondary milling facility. Secondary crushing, if required and economical, is accomplished by using normal cone crushers followed by brief head cone crushers;

3.The subsequent crushing is named fine crushing, and it may be achieved by utilizing different kinds of grinding mills. For example, you can decide on ball mill, super thin grinding mill, vertical grinding mill and so on;

4.Magnetic separation: magnetic separation is most frequently used to separate organic magnetic ore from many different less-magnetic or nonmagnetic materials. After washing and grading, antimony ore particles have been fed in to the magnetic separation. Due to the different susceptibility of different minerals, magnetic and mechanical force can separate the magnetic material in the mixture supplies;

5.After getting separated, the antimony ore particles had been taken into a thickener for concentrating. Thickening reduces the water content of the concentrate slurry, separating the water from the heavier mineral-rich solids via gravity. Then, following drying, you can get dry supplies.

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