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Cement processing industry and aggregate processing industry is thriving in Korea. Cement enterprises to enter the concrete, sand and gravel aggregates industry trend is the integration of the needs of the enterprise value chain. Cement companies with concrete gravel aggregate industry in a high degree of complementarity of customers, markets, mineral resources, technology and equipment, and human resources and integration advantages, making cement companies to enter the the concrete gravel aggregate industry become cement enterprise development, bigger and stronger one of the important model. Cement after water and stir into a thin paste, if you do not increase the aggregate, it will not be formed, will lead to unusable. So in the construction industry, the aggregate is leading a very important role. Gravel is an essential building material widely used in buildings, roads, highways, railways, engineering and other fields.Aggregates Production line equipment including: Primary crushing jaw crusher, secondary crusher impact crusher and cone crusher followed by impact crusher, sand making machine, and finally grinding mill. They play a very important role in the construction.

Quality Aggregate Grinding Mill for Sale

(1) Ball mill is the main ore grinding machine, used for grinding tungsten ore into powder. These ground tungsten ore powder are concentrated by a flotation process which separates the grains of one mineral from the waste material, or gangue;

(2) Raymond mill could be the early grinding mill, but now is still employed widely. The finished particles are usually up to 0.044mm, and have an excellent uniformity of fineness with passing screen rate as high as 98%;

(3) Rod Mill is also common ore milling machine, used to grind the material into fine powder. Using long steel rods instead of balls as the grinding medium. Rod mills are typically used for grinding ores, coal/coke, and other materials for both wet and dry applications. In general, rod mills create a coarser product than do ball mills. Rod mill speed is typically slower than a ball mill.

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