50TPH Quartz Sand Production Line

Production Line Configuration

First, crushing quartz sand with crushing equipment for coarse, medium and fine crushing, then the environmental protection equipment selected is jaw crusher, cone crusher; jaw crusher structure is a labyrinth grid form, so it can avoid dust splash in the crushing of quartz sand operation, cone crusher uses hydraulic design structure, strong sealing, in the fine crushing of quartz sand operation, can reduce the amount of dust.

How To Make Sand From Quartz

At this time, you need to choose an environmental protection sand-making equipment, among which VSI6X sand-making machine is more suitable; the traditional sand-making equipment will produce a large amount of dust in the operation, which can not meet the environmental protection requirements, but VSI6X sand-making machine is different, the equipment is optimized and upgraded, using pulse dust-removing device in the dust-removing design, can be built-in spraying device, which can be generated in the sand-making operation.

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