MTM Trapezium Mill

MTM Trapezium Mill

MTM Trapezium Mill

Type: Trapezium Grinder

Model Number: MTM

Feed size: :25-35mm

Production Capacity: 3-22t/h

The MTM Trapezium Mill absorbs the world first-class grinding technology, elaborate design, by our professional R & D team test and improvement, is currently the most advanced grinding equipment. It has wide applicability, suitable for grinding Mohs hardness below level 9.3, humidity below 6% in various non flammable and explosive mineral materials. In order to improve the yield, we used spring compression device to improve the grinding roller pressure; in order to improve the powder selecting accuracy, it is equipped with a high density of selected impeller powder machine; in order to reduce the vibration and noise, it hosts, powder selecting machine, fan adopts the soft connection; in order to quickly adjust the fineness, it adopts the impeller adjusting device, by changing the selected slot end and shell leaf powder machine between and convenient realization.

The technical performance of MTM Trapezium Mill reached the international leading level, compared with the traditional grinding machine has the following five major technical advantage:

Adopted to improve the grinding roller and grinding ring trapezoidal grinding efficiency, the trapezium grinder will rollers and ring is designed into the ladder, reduced into rollers and ring material's slip velocity between, extended to material compaction time, improve the crushing efficiency;

Equipped with high density can improve the powder selecting machine impeller powder selecting accuracy. Practice shows that, at a constant engine speed, improve leaf density can improve the fineness of the product, in other words, the fineness of finished products do not need to change the circumstances, the high density of impeller impeller speed than low density low, reduce the air flow resistance, yield of finished products the same power to improve more than;

High efficient energy-saving centrifugal induced draft fan. The old mill on the traditional straight blade with old fan, and the impeller and blade are energy-saving mould stamping molding draught fan;

Unique design of tilt inward air duct, ensure that enter into the wind nest shell material can be smoothly along the slope into MTM Trapezium Mill;

The size of the gap between housing and end of the blade of the powder selecting machine also effects fineness, the machine patent technology is convenient to adjust the clearance.

Technical Data

Name MTM100 MTM130 MTM160
Ring roll number(pcs) 4 5 6
Major diameter of roller(mm) Φ310X170 Φ410X210 Φ440X270
Inner diameter of roller(mm) Φ950X170 Φ1280X210 Φ1600X270
Revolving Speed(rmin) 130 103 82
Max feed size(mm) <25 <30 <35
Final size(mm) 1.6-0.045
fineness can reach to 0.038
fineness can reach to 0.038
fineness can reach to 0.038
Output(th) 3-8 6-11 9-22
Complete physical size(mm) 7100×5900×7900 9200×7250×9700 12550×5700×8355
Main unit motor Model Y225S-4 Y280S-4 Y315M-4
Power(kw) 37 75 132
Rotate speed(rmin) 1480 1480 1480
Centrifugal induced draft fan motor Model Y225S-4 Y280S-4 Y315M-4
Power(kw) 37 75 132
Rotate speed(rmin) 1480 1480 1480
Classifier speed regulating motor Model YCT200-4A YCT200-4B YCT250-4A
Power(kw) 5.5 7.5 18.5
Rotate speed(rmin) 125-1250 125-1250 132-1320
Elevator Elevator model TH210 TH210 TH315
Motor model Y100L2-4 Y100L2-4 Y112M-4
Power(kw) 3 3 4
Rotate speed(rmin) 1430 1430 1440
Jaw Crusher Jaw Crusher Model PE200×350 PE250×400 PE250×750
Main unit motor Y160M-6 Y180L-6 Y200L2-6
Power(kw) 7.5 15 22
Rotate speed(rmin) 970 970 970
Magnetic vibrating feeder Main unit motor GZ2F GZ3F GZ3F
Power(kw) 0.15 0.2 0.2

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