working of jaw crusher

In order to working of jaw crusher, we must ensure that all parts of the machine running well, the relevant indicators appropriate adjustments, with long-term stable operation ability, from the following aspects:

The appropriate adjustment of the nip angle

Nip angle is the angle between the fixed jaw and movable jaw, and is one of the main factors affecting the jaw crusher efficiency. According to calculations, the largest jaw crusher nip angle of up to 32 & deg ;, and actual use are less than 25 & deg ;, is generally 18 & deg; -20 & deg ;. Nip angle is too large, the material is easy to exit the crushing chamber, causing serious consequences of injury or damage to other equipment while biting angle increases (broken than increase), decreased productivity. Adjust the size of the port of discharge, and also change the size of the nip angle. In actual working of jaw crusher production, according to the requirements of discharge size to adjust the size of discharge port, adjust nip angle in one of the most suitable degree.

Adjustment of the eccentric shaft rotation

In a certain range, the increase of the eccentric shaft speed can improve the crushing machine production efficiency, but also can increase the quality of ore crushing unit power consumption. When the eccentric shaft speed exceeds a certain limit, would have broken the crushing cavity ore to late discharges arising from clogging phenomenon, but reduce the efficiency of production, to increase energy consumption. Therefore, should be adjusted according to actual situation of jaw crusher eccentric shaft speed, so that the production efficiency reaches the maximum.

In addition to the performance adjustment of the equipment itself, choose the appropriate materials is an important aspect to working of jaw crusher, choose the consistent hardness and equipment processing capacity of the material crushing, crushing the material before a best sieving reduce breakdown of the content, but also pay attention to controlling the water content for crushing material.

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