To Improve The Work Efficiency Of Cone Crusher

To improve the work efficiency of cone crusher, should first clear understanding of grinding material, analysis of material hardness, moisture, composition, and discharging the size requirements, select the appropriate cone breaker model, SBM based on many years of experience and the current level of technology, summed up the following method:

One, increase capacity. In the production process of reality, can reduce cone crusher's weight, increase capacity to improve the work efficiency, but also can reduce energy consumption

Two, increase speed. To improve the speed, can make the unit time broken material changed much, so as to improve the production efficiency of cone crusher

Three, change the shape of the materials. Experiments show that, the highest rate of elliptical spherical medium crushing, material can choose to its processing into an oval or a better choice before entering the cone crusher

Four, choose the crushing process reasonable, crushing process is ideally mineral grains once grinding to the monomer separation should be quickly discharged from cone crusher. This can avoid the excessive abrasion, high energy consumption, the grain size does not meet the requirements. Big cone crusher size can make the media role in coarse mineral particles completely broken, broken energy this can let the material to maximize the bear to device. And broken when the closed-circuit grinding in cone, cone crusher cone crusher working principle can help screening unqualified finished two times, three times until the crushing, raw material crushing to the exclusion criteria of finished goods.

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