Stone Quarrying Process Line

Cone crusher because of their unique properties and structure has become the main equipment, The three aspects explain stone quarrying process line.

First, obtained from the aggregate rate of finished products, cone crusher production efficiency ratio should be higher than 20% other quarry crusher. Cone crusher features is the largest stone quarrying process line aggregate is high, relative to the speed of the rotor back breaking principle, multi cylinder cone crusher is used in crushing principle of speed and stroke combination. Coarse aggregate size to obtain high rate, aggregate ratio of 5-0mm less, greatly improving the qualified aggregate ratio.

Secondly, from the aggregate particle type, single cylinder cone crusher laminating crushing principle can effectively adjust the crushing the contact area between the cavity and the material, to achieve selective crushing of material. Setting reasonable outlet size, greatly improve the fine aggregate proportion and refined grain type. Little needle sheet material, high utilizing rate of the finished goods.

Finally, cone crusher has the advantages of automatic control system. Along with the technological level of China's stone quarrying process line industry continue to improve, the artificial control concept of user of quarry crusher has been widely promoted. In order to make the equipment maintenance easier, designers of automatic adjustment of the discharge size and add the overload protection. The purpose of doing so is to prevent the sudden shutdown of swallowed material due to equipment, in the cone breaker when stopping the device automatically discharging, solved the problem of manual layout.

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