stone cone crusher machine

Stone cone crusher machine's development is rapid, at present this kind of crushing equipment has been widely used in many fields of metallurgy, construction, chemical and silicate, used on the basis of the broken material production. The following is to have a look of stone cone crusher machine.

At the time of production first need to pay attention to the ore must be kept uniform, only in this way the final finished product size can meet the user's demand of production.

Observe the running condition of equipment at any time, pay attention to discharge and transport belt running situation, if there is abnormal according to the stone cone crusher machine technical parameters reasonably, which can avoid the equipment blocking.

When the stone cone crusher machine operation, the operation of all personnel must strengthen to the cooler at any time, temperature, oil pump, filter and so on inspection, according to the cone crusher structure on the amount of oil temperature measured timing, general normal return oil temperature at 60°C, if there is abnormal shall timely notify the repair personnel the adjustment of the equipment, so as to avoid the occurrence of safety accidents.

Timely check the locking cylinder hydraulic condition, if there is deviation, need timely adjust the adjustment ring, ensure its located in the locking state, so that it can once again start to run.

Taper crushing machine in production when there is a lot of detail needs attention, usually to strengthen the stone cone crusher machine of the maintenance work, familiar with the cone crusher structure, so when can the failure occurred in the equipment inspection and repair even, to ensure the efficient operation of the stone cone crusher machine.

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