spare parts for crushers

Crushers is one of the necessary equipment, crushing sand production line in China in a wide range of uses, it has unique design structure, big crushing ratio, production efficiency higher characteristic, is mainly used for crushing of medium or above medium material, Spare parts for crushers are composed of a frame, an eccentric sleeve, crushing cone, adjusting device, lubricating device and hydraulic device. This paper focus on the following to spare parts for crushers.

Frame, the frame crusher by shelf body and the lower frame body, are connected by a hydraulic cylinder, there are wear resistant lining board and a protective cover, the upper frame body is welded parts, the upper is welded with wear-resistant copper plate, the lower frame body is a whole cast steel.

Partial sleeve: the eccentric shaft sleeve is arranged inside the fixed by screws to the high lead bronze bushing, lower through the bolt installation of large bevel gears and thrust bearing, wherein the upper thrust bearing for forged steel parts, the lower thrust bearing for high lead bronze parts. In addition, the eccentric sleeve is also arranged on the counterweight assembly is fixed by bolts, the internal lead and wearable protective lining board.

Crushing cone: crushers crushing cone machine mainly consists of two parts: dynamic and static cone consists of cone. The moving cone upper part fixedly connected with a screw bolt to plate assembly is arranged on the lower part of the spherical bearing, can be matched with the spherical steel tile is arranged in a sleeve barrel phase. The moving cone is installed outside the high manganese steel made of moving cone lining plate, movable cone and lining void filling between the plates filled with epoxy resin; dynamic cone is arranged inside the upper and lower high lead bronze bushing. Fixed cone is installed at the upper part of the feeding hopper is installed inside, with a large diameter bolt of high manganese steel liner wear, and the same between fixed cone lining plate filled with epoxy resin; static cone is outside and trapezoidal screw threads matched with the adjusting ring.

Adjustment device: the adjustment ring is a component, the follower and the hydraulic motor is composed of a regulating ring, a clamping ring, cam. The clamping ring in trapezoidal thread, can be connected with the fixed cone is provided with a main frame, a fixed pin and a guide rod ring upper adjusting, to prevent the adjustment ring rotation in the main rack. The drive pinion gear hydraulic motor, small gear driving on the regulating cap girth, thus driven fixed cone rotation, to achieve the purpose of fixed cone lining plate and the movable cone lining plate between the gap adjustment.

Lubricating device: composed of lubricating oil tank, a motor oil pump, filter device, a cooling device and a control device. As the taper star heavy production crusher adopts dry oil or water two sealing ways, so that dust and impurities to enter the body, ensure clean run oil.

The hydraulic device for hydraulic system of the machine: useful to adjust the breaker gape size, the hydraulic system can effectively guarantee the safe operation of equipment. There is a foreign body in the crushing chamber, the hydraulic system can make automatic under the moving cone, when discharged, the system enables the dynamic back cone automatic reset. To maintain the original row ore mouth position to work.

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