small rock jaw crusher

First, the preparatory work before driving: check the small rock jaw crusher, such as jaw plate, a bearing and a connecting rod, a thrust plate, a pull rod spring, a belt pulley and a triangular belt is intact, the fastening bolts are loose, protection devices such as disk, such as flywheel cover belt is complete, and the moving parts whether there are obstacles collision. Check that the auxiliary equipment such as belt conveyor, hoist, electric appliances, instruments and signal equipment is in good condition. Check the small rock jaw crusher has no material, if in the crushing chamber with large material must be removed after to start.

Two, in the operation of operation note: crusher work, it is strictly prohibited to take out the stones from the jaw among by hand, if there is fault using crowbars, hook tool processing etc.. If because of the crushing cavity material obstruction caused parking, should shut off the motor immediately, to be material cleared after the re start. Adjust the discharging port, should loosen the tightening spring, to be adjusted after the re adjustment of the spring, the appropriate degree of tension and tighten the bolts, in case the liner off on the job.

Third, note parking: stop feeding until all materials after their crushing jaw crusher stop, stop of the belt machine, stop the secondary crusher, stop hoist, stop the upper belt conveyor, roller conveyor stop, stop back feed belt. Heavy Red alert users before stopping small rock jaw crusher, the device health and job clean, jaw crusher cavity allowed to keep the material, so as not to cause difficulties for the next startup.

The above three points is small rock jaw crusher, only the operation of process safety, can be efficient and safe production work, so that the jaw crusher to improve production efficiency.

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