small aggregates crushing machine

Crushing ratio is a measure of the efficiency of small aggregates crushing machine, cone crusher crushing ration means proportion of the total amount of the material and the total amount of the feed, small aggregates crushing machine ration influence factors as following four aspects.

First, the nature of the material

The nature of the material, including material hardness, particle size, moisture, viscosity, compressive strength, etc., it is one of the biggest factors affecting small aggregates crushing machine crushing ratio, if broken material hardness of greater humidity, viscosity, compressive strength than the high, crushing smaller size requirements, then the crusher during operation, the greater the power to do to complete, will be a corresponding increase in power.

Second, the specification model

Small aggregates crushing machine specification model there are many, there are different specifications of the device, the crushing ratio will be a big difference, the greater the size crusher, the greater its crushing ratio consumption, on the contrary, the smaller the size, the crushing ratio also smaller.

Third, the rpm of the crusher

In general, the higher the speed of the crusher, crushing ratio, the mechanical dimensions will be greater, then the power consumption will be.

Fourth, the rotation speed of the eccentric shaft

Within a certain range, if eccentric shaft speed increases, so will be a corresponding increase small aggregates crushing machine crushing ratio; but when the movable jaw swinging beyond a certain limit, and then increase the speed, the power consumption will rise quickly because of the high speed of the eccentric shaft will break good material discharged from the discharge opening late, but will result in energy consumption.

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