germany stone crusher machine

Sand making machine generally comprises a feeding hopper, feeder, crushing chamber, an impeller body, spindle assembly, a base, a transmission device and a motor and parts. Each part has its own division of labor. We have the following simple introduces sand making machine wear parts:

1, The feed hopper in fact belong to part of the cylindrical body means material, the material is moved to the main crusher. Sand hopper great advantages, highly wear resistant, wear rings mounted thereon, can effectively avoid the material feed hopper tremendous friction.

2, The material sifter sifter material mainly material after the crusher sieving equipment, running in the sand making process, to the material through the material production requirements sifter for transporting out of production use, and did not meet the production requirements of the materials to be returned by the screener to sand crushing equipment crushing chamber again until qualified.

3, Crushing chamber whirl eddy crushing chamber is an annular space, composed mainly of two cylinders, in the course of work in the crusher, is mainly through the impeller to whirl inside the crushing chamber for continuous friction material and the striking .

4, Sand making equipment in one part of the impeller is essential, in general, the impeller is mainly made of special material, at the time of installation will be placed at both ends of the bearing. Sand running when the time will be the center of the impeller material continuously spread to all parts through the impeller can continue to impact the material for grinding depth.

5, Bearings and gears bearing sand equipment is mainly played the role of the transmission system, the role of the motor and belt, generally constitute the main spindle bearings, bearings, bearing three parts.

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