Safety Manual Of Jaw Crusher Maintenance

Jaw crusher wide range of applications, high efficiency, greatly favored customers. Because it is mostly open-air production, work environment is complex, inevitably require maintenance and inspection, the following is about jaw crusher maintenance safety manual:

In the course of jaw crusher run, we should always observe the main rotor bearing temperature, in general, the normal temperature of about 60 degrees Celsius, the highest temperature nor than seventy-five degrees Celsius. If the temperature changes, beyond the prescribed value, it is necessary to know the relevant and Times jaw crusher breakdown maintenance personnel treated promptly shut down until after the resolve to boot again.

To remove dust from work, but also to set the appropriate dust collection equipment in the workshop inside. When all the work is completed, the process stopped, the first to break the power to cut off the first jaw and crushing chamber internal checks whether there is residual waste, timely cleanup, only after all materials drained, to be able to stop the main motor operation.

To regularly check the tightness of regular hydraulic jaw crusher conveyor belt to make timely and effective adjustments to try to ensure uniformity of the force of the belt.

General in the production process, equipment every mining four hundred hours on the need for timely add grease, once the hydraulic protection of jaw crusher work more than two thousand hours, it is necessary to timely and thoroughly clean the bearings, and if after more than seven thousand two hundred hours was necessary to replace new bearing.

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