Practice On The Installation And Maintenance Of Impact Crusher

Impact crusher installation and maintenance is a very important and frequent work, it should cooperate closely with the correct operation and timely maintenance, should have the professional staff for guidance.

  • Crusher pump with working vibration of unit, in the installation and commissioning shall be fastened in front of all fasteners, in operation should also be checked regularly, at any time the fastening.
  • Attention should be paid to the machine rotation to installation (a spiral direction arrow on the belt wheel superscript) irreversible.
  • Installed after the electric motor, should according to installation, equipped with belt guard.
  • The gap between the plate and the plate hammer counter should be according to the work need to gradually small, rotor rotating circle number of application of hand after adjustment, check whether the impact. After adjustment, should the locking sleeve nut, prevent counterattack plate vibration after the nut loose gradually fall and collide with plate hammer, causing the accident.
  • Because the crusher discharge port in the lower part, installation height and how to feeding, discharging device coordination, should be considered in system design is good.

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