Operation And Maintenance Of Stone Crusher

Stone crusher application in the current production is very extensive, especially the crushing granularity great on all kinds of stone, at the same time, according to the type of principle and the crushing product broken different industry crusher can be divided into many types, like common cone crusher, jaw crusher, impact crusher, gyratory crusher and composite crusher etc.. In the process of concrete operations, in accordance with the needs of operational requirements to perform, here is operation and maintenance of stone crusher.

Before the formal operation of stone crusher, all operators must wear safety helmet, meanwhile must wear work clothes, shoes and other protective equipment, so as to ensure the personal safety of operators.

Equipment in the boot before, need comprehensive of all components and related damageable parts inspection, found defective or damaged to timely repair or replacement, the only safe and free of error, can open industry crusher.

When the equipment is running, the need for timely observe the operation status, internal always listening industry crusher whether there is noise, once the noise or abnormal sound should immediately stop check, to timely treatment. If industrial crushing machine when in operation, the entry of foreign matter crushing cavity inside, to timely clear, especially some blocks, large pieces of metal and so on, may lead to fatal damage to the equipment. Once discover equipment failure, need timely maintenance.

When crushing machine repair, must then stop completely and other equipment to enter, can not repair in the process of the functioning of the equipment, it may give people bring great threat to security. After the confirmation of power supply completely cut off, and then enter the crusher inside, open stone crusher parts for repair or replacement. Large stone crusher price level is not the same, but no matter what type of equipment in operation, when the need to strictly in accordance with the instructions required to execute the.

In the usual process of operation, to do a good job of equipment monitoring and maintenance work on a regular basis, timing industry to conduct a comprehensive inspection by crushing machine, find fault and damage must be timely cleared repair, to ensure efficient production equipment, ensure the highest production efficiency.

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