Lead ore grinding machine

Lead ore grinding machine production line in Italy is section or two section is broken, large blocks of stone into the jaw of coarse crushing crusher, and then into the cone of crusher, fine stone from the bucket elevator into the reservoir of raw material substitute.

Lead ore grinding machine Benefits

In the paper industry, paper mill to produce white paper, for every 1 tons of Lead ore to involve about 200000 yuan of output value;

In the plastics industry, used as a filler of Lead ore, Lead ore quality as reinforcing agent, 1 tons of Lead ore to 1-15 million yuan output value;

Per ton of Lead ore in the rubber industry relates to the output value of 50000 yuan, due to its special properties, especially the properties of flexible, engage in high strength is the other filler can not be replaced, it became Guan Jian filler in rubber industry, and gradually become a semi reinforcing agent and reinforcing agent.

Will a lot of filler in belongs to chemical building materials, especially at present, relevant departments of the state has regulations and then window doors, aluminum aluminum door, cast lead ore grinding machine water pipe is not allowed in the building materials, using new plastic material, so the Lead ore will increasingly show its importance in chemical building materials.

In the paint industry, waterborne coatings to improve the whiteness and delicate availability of Lead ore as an additive agent and filler.

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