Jaw Crusher Used In Mining Industry

Jaw crusher is a kind of crusher has the longest history of a crushing equipment. Jaw crusher is commonly known as aka tiger mouth. By the movable jaw and quiet jaw two jaw plate crushing cavity, two jaw movement simulation animal and complete the crusher material crushing operation. This crusher is often used to crush large materials. According to the material of different sizes, jaw crusher specifications machine is not the same.

With the continuous development of crushing technology, jaw crusher technical content is more and more high, equipment is also more and more sophisticated, the application scope is more and more widely. PE series of jaw in recent years popular crusher to reap the limelight in the domestic market, as some jaw crusher equipment manufacturers have brought great benefits. PE series of jaw crusher feed size according to different.

In accordance with the feeding port width of different sizes, jaw crusher is divided into large, small, in three. The feeding port width greater than 600MM for large machines, feeding port width in 300-600MM as midrange computers, feeding port width of less than 300MM minicomputer. Jaw crusher in mining, building materials, construction and other departments is mainly used for the crushing machine and crushing machine. Medium size jaw crusher can be widely used in mining, smelting, building materials, highway, railway, water conservancy and chemical industry, all kinds of ores and bulk materials broken, the highest compressive strength of broken material for 320Mpa.

The jaw crusher used in mining industry, the customer must pay attention to maintenance and repair equipment problems. In the installation process, to make the correct installation of the equipment, ensure the stability of the system, in order to avoid in the process of working, loosening or displacement phenomenon of equipment. According to the use of equipment, gravel rolling trough above should set up protective cover, prevent stone by rolling tank to break out to hurt people. Equipment for crushing material prior to the start of no-load test, stable equipment operation before commissioning. Crusher work, operation is strictly prohibited staff to take out the stones from the palatal plate between the hands, if a fault should immediately.

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