jaw crusher toggle plate

toggle plate is the main parts of jaw crusher, can from material selection, design, assembly and improved in the process of use and other aspects to consider prolong the service life of the jaw crusher toggle plate.

In the design of fixed jaw and the movable jaw: the toggle plate should be tooth peak on tooth valley. In this way, crushing of material in addition to extrusion effect, and bending the material more easily broken. In order to enhance the service life of the toggle plate, upper and lower symmetrical shape toggle plate is designed into a medium-sized crusher, when the lower wear adjustable head; large jaw crusher toggle plate design into pieces mutually symmetrical, so that wear can be exchanged for toggle plate.

In the assembly: toggle plate must be firmly attached to the movable jaw, between the two should level up, between the toggle plate and the movable jaw with a soft metal gasket, and bolt fastening. Crusher, toggle plate should not have loose phenomenon, or toggle plate is easy to wear or break easily, reduces the service life of the toggle plate.

In the production: direct contact with the material and the toggle plate, crushing force is very large, especially the crushing materials with large hardness, lead to bolt vibration, install the toggle plate nut loose, so that the toggle plate increased wear and makes a tremendous noise, serious when the toggle plate off or broken, make the equipment to stop machine affect the normal production. In the process of use can according to the specific circumstances to think of a way to solve the specific problems, to prevent wear intensifies, toggle plate loosening and breaking and so on, so as jaw crusher toggle plate, reduce cost, improve work efficiency.

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