Jaw Crusher Material Clogging Cause Analysis

Jaw crusher can be divided into many types, in the actual operation of the time due to various reasons may lead to the failure of equipment, or is blocked and forced to shut down, which for the normal production will bring a great influence. In the operation of jaw crusher time for these common reasons must be timely find a fault, timely resolve, here to have a look of jaw crusher material clogging cause analysis.

Jaw crusher at the time of production as the main bearing appears damaged, then it will cause other parts can not coordinate the work of each other, normal delivery this time may cause material problems, eventually leading to blockage of materials. A large number of materials in the crusher of crushing chamber row machine does not go out, will cause the equipment appeared some damage, and even lead to accidents in production, so in a timely manner to check the main bearing, fault found to timely repair.

In general, the motor of jaw crusher requires a certain voltage at run time. But in many production will appear in the jaw crusher low voltage phenomenon, then although the motor also can keep running, but because the voltage is so small that the rotation speed is too slow and not on the crushing cavity inside the material crushing. This time a large number of materials can be stacked crushing cavity in 100*60 jaw crusher, caused by the blocking material.

Jaw crusher in the production process, there may be material discharging speed is too slow, the most likely reason is that the discharge opening appeared blocked and cause, make the jaw crusher maintenance have to stop. In addition, jaw crusher eccentric shaft is the key component of inside the equipment, once the eccentric shaft deflection or loose, will cause the death card, natural materials can be blocked, eventually led to the shutdown of jaw crusher.

Jaw crusher material clogging causes are many, the above is only one of the most important for several reasons. In the actual production, the need for equipment supervision work well at any time, once discovery malfunctioned or equipment shall be timely reported clogging, relevant personnel to timely repair, jaw crusher to conduct a comprehensive inspection, early repair, ensure the efficient and stable operation of equipment.

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