Jaw Crusher Main Components Function

Jaw crusher of crushing equipment is the most widely used in crushing equipment. If the performance to be able to understand its components, can better crushing operation. Today will be introduced six maine components function of jaw crusher.

One,the jaw and the side guards: fixed jaw and movable jaw by the jaw and jaw bed composed jaw is working part fixed jaw and wedge bolts bed. Fixed jaw jaw bed frame is a front wall, moving jaw jaw hanging in the week on the bed, to have sufficient strength and rigidity to withstand the crushing reaction force, which is mostly steel or cast iron.

Two, the rack: the frame is a rigid framework walls of an upper opening and a lower opening is used as a supporting the eccentric shaft and bearing crushing materials reaction, claims to have enough strength and stiffness, the general casting integral cast steel, minicomputers usable also quality cast iron instead of cast steel.

Three, transmission parts: the eccentric shaft is the shaft of a crusher, subject to bending torsion huge, adopting high carbon steel. The eccentric part must finish machining, heat treatment, bearing liner with Babbitt pouring. Eccentric shaft is a belt wheel, the other end is arranged flywheel.

Four, the flywheel: used to store energy during air travel jaw crusher flywheel, and then used for industrial forming, make the mechanical work comply with the uniform. It also plays the role of the flywheel pulley. From the star heavy industry to understand, flywheel often cast iron or steel manufacture, the flywheel is often integral minicomputer. Flywheel manufacturing, installation should pay attention to the static balance.

Five, adjusting device: adjusting device with a wedge type, plate type and hydraulic type, the general use of wedge type, composed of a front and a rear two wedge blocks, front wedge block can move forward and backward, to withstand the pusher plate; after the wedge for adjusting wedge, can move up and down, two wedge inclined backward fit, by the screw rod so that after the wedge block to move up and down and adjust the outlet size.

Six, lubricating system: the eccentric shaft bearing usually adopts the centralized circulating lubrication. The supporting surface of the mandrel and thrust plate is generally adopted by hand gun to oil lubricating grease. The movable jaw swing angle is very small, so that between the mandrel and the bearing lubrication difficulties, often open a number of axial oil groove in the bearing at the bottom, to open a ring oil groove is communicated with the oil pump to the middle, forced injection dry butter lubrication.

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