Jaw Crusher Lubricating System Maintenance

Lubrication system is the core part of jaw crusher, related to whether the machine can start normally, so the lubricating system and the maintenance is an indispensable work, this paper summarizes several points, the following is the maintenance of jaw crusher lubricating system.

First, the correct selection of lubricating oil, can't manage. Lubricating oil jaw crusher lubricating system when the choice, should choose the quality is guaranteed, or the original factory matching, should not be too dense, thin, sticky, or can not use lubricant failure, or will cause unnecessary accidents.

Two, periodically check the oil in the debris. The jaw crusher work has been in poor and dusty environment; recommendations should be regularly detected lubricating oil lubrication system is particles containing crushed, or dust and debris into the, if removed immediately.

Three, regular cleaning of the lubricating oil system. Cleaning of jaw crusher is an important work of engine lubricating system maintenance, only to ensure lubrication system clean without debris, can make the lubrication system has a good working state, to ensure the normal operation of the machine.

Four, regular injection of lubricating oil. Lubrication system oil, recommends every 3-5 days with a lubricating system, at the same time, a total of four injection points, such as: to add grease in the bearing seat shall be the volume of 50%-70%, the replacement once every 3-6 months. The oil change, raceway parts clean petrol or kerosene carefully cleaning roller bearing, cleaning should open the oil drain hole of the bearing seat.

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