Jaw Crusher Cavity Design Principles

Jaw Crusher cavity is made movable tooth plate, fixed tooth plate and side protection panels, the material in this space from top to bottom after several shocks, broken exhaust after extrusion. Crushing chamber shape is good or bad, for economic and technical indicators crusher influence. Jaw crusher is often the initial single particle crushing mechanism for cavity design principles. Single particle crushing secondary crushing of material flow characteristics and laminating crushing mechanism, is a novel idea and basic design of jaw crusher. Factors jaw crusher cavity design principles should consider the following:

"V" type structure effectively increase the crushing area

"V" type structure effectively increase the crushing area, improve the utilization of the jaw, and ensure that the actual size of the material feed size and theoretical consistency. At the same time, to ensure a smooth material from the bottom of the exhaust discharge port, blocking material does not occur, the yield guaranteed.

The movable jaw assembly made of wear resistant material with high quality

In order to ensure the stability of the equipment, the movable jaw our assembly made of domestic high-quality wear-resistant material; and the greater the eccentric bearing, more durable to join, to ensure its bearing capacity and the reliability. Improved continuously optimize, improve our jaw crusher performance at the same time, engineers continue to simplify the structure, make the operation, maintenance becomes more convenient and fast.

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