Jaw Crusher Applied In Coal Processing

Jaw crusher uses curvilinear manner extrusion process broken, the largest block of the material to be broken should be less than its choice of machine type size 10-60 mm, the compressive strength of the material to be broken no more than 150Mpa. If the device is equipped with the jaw have white iron, high manganese steel, wear-resistant alloy of several, different hardness of the material can be broken. Due to its reasonable design, simple structure, fewer parts, easy maintenance, easy operational use, therefore, the choice of jaw crusher as the main coal processing equipment.

The jaw crusher is mainly applied in coal processing. In the process of production and processing, and no dust leaks, stable performance, low noise, improve the working environment and conditions for sample preparation. Jaw crusher main frame, consisting of the power part, slow down some damping part, screening section and so on. Frame of the device by a variety of steel welded together, play a major role in supporting the various components. Because of the emphasis the role of institutions, sieve in order to design the amplitude and exciting force work, the material to complete the screening process in the shock of the grouping. According to the needs of their work, the jaw crusher can work continuously.

Coal processing and production process, the riser system jaw crusher can not only adjust the gap, but also play the role of insurance, when the feed overloaded or encountered iron, it is first bent or broken, the machine stops working, protection other parts will not be damaged. In order to protect long-term use of the rack, the rack is fitted on both sides of the shield, in order to protect the body from wear. It can be seen that the device has a very high level of safety in the use of the production line, and not only that, in the high price of jaw crusher, the cost of the equipment is relatively high.

Coal jaw crusher with the body's use of two structural forms, one for the whole cast, another high quality steel welding, composed by a number of ribs whole box. The eccentric shaft is made from high quality carbon steel, bearing and secured at both ends with the rack. When the motor drive pulley and movable jaw by the eccentric shaft driving the reciprocating movement of the material is crushed by jaw crusher to achieve the purpose, to help customers achieve the pulverized coal into the process.

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