impact crusher in China

With the rapid development of our economy, each industry has been rapid development. In the mining equipment industry, the development of impact crusher more quickly. The crushing device mainly comprises jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher and other types. In every area of our country, because of the different levels of economic development, the development status of the crushing equipment are not the same, here introduces the impact crusher in China:

Impact crusher's market situation is:consumes large, noise is also large, but this is the most familiar, but also for its surrounding environment pollution is also a lot of people headaches. Traditional stone crusher counterattack most terrible problem is its failure rate is very high, for the production of target yield will cause no small impact.

Development of impact crusher following directions should be committed to: 1, materials research and development with the new hammer high wear resistance and high toughness, improve board hammer life. 2. Increased automation crusher to reduce labor intensity, improve production efficiency and reduce operating costs. 3. Improved crusher structure, improve crusher for crushing hard materials ability to improve ease of maintenance, mainly hammer, improved rotor structure. 4, to meet market and customer needs, the positive impact crusher series, standardized, large-scale development. 5, adhere to technological innovation, increase technology investment, research and development of new environmentally friendly crushing equipment.

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