How To Adjust The Feed Direction Of Impact Crusher

With the continuous development of our society and progress, impact crusher combined with advanced technology at home and abroad, to better meet the needs of people. With the wide use ofimpact crusher, how to adjust the feeding direction of impact crusher become a customer concerns.

Impact crusher feed direction is the hardness of rock can be relatively large objects such as a cube with, and the formation of products products without tension and fracture, grain shape is quite good. So, has been widely used in highway, energy, cement, chemical, construction and other industries.

How to adjust the feed direction of impact crusher? Impact crusher is the biggest characteristic of the size of its shape is different from general counterattack type crusher, his structure more simple, the energy consumption is more low, at the same time, back breaking size linear is of great help to improve the number of broken rate, better product which produces high, the weight is lighter. When objects are broken, refined form can be a square, better meet the requirements of the industrial and construction.

According to the above content introduction, believe this problem we have to have a better understanding and the understanding, adjust good impact crusher feeding direction is the key to improve the production efficiency, but also can help us to extend the life of crushing equipment, saving production cost.

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