Function Of Cone Crusher Concave

Cone crusher by data parameters can be divided into coarse crushing, crushing and fine crushing three. Coarse cone crusher is a typical equipment in large mines to crush hard materials, but at present in non metal mine is rarely used; the crusher material crushing and fine crushing cone crusher is carried out, according to the discharging port of the whole device and insurance in different ways, divided into spring cone crusher and hydraulic cone crusher, Function of cone crusher concave is not same.

According to the crushing cavity and cone crusher concave is different, can be divided into standard type (in broken), intermediate (crushing, fine crushing and the short head type (fine) with three important), different cone crusher in crushing chamber type, section shape and cone type cone crusher crusher model parallel model with different length, standard shortest, the most long and short head. In parallel with the longer, the more uniform the crushed product size. Cone crusher series product size in general about l0mm.

There are many kinds of cone crusher is more commonly used, each type is divided into several types, that is to say even if the same kinds of crusher, depending on the model of the role are not the same, the user first understand the function of cone crusher concave before the choose and buy device, and formulate a range of optional equipment according to their needs.

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