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Crusher machine is a dynamic and static jaw jaw jaw composed of two crushing chamber to simulate the movement of animals and completed two jaw crusher material crushing operations. Crushers is the most common and most widely used crushing equipment. If you can understand the performance of its members, can better crushing operations. Today will introduce crusher spare parts India.

First, the jaw and the side guards: fixed jaw and movable jaw by the jaw and jaw bed composed jaw is working part fixed jaw and wedge bolts bed. Fixed jaw jaw bed frame is a front wall, moving jaw jaw hanging in the week on the bed, to have sufficient strength and rigidity to withstand the crushing reaction force, which is mostly steel or cast iron.

Second, the rack in India: Rack is opening up and down the walls of a rigid frame, eccentric shaft is used as a support and withstand the reaction of broken material, requires sufficient strength and stiffness, usually with the whole cast steel, minicomputers also be of high quality cast iron instead of steel.

Third, transmission parts: the eccentric shaft is crusher spindle torque curve by a huge, high-carbon steel. Eccentric parts should be finishing, heat treatment, bearing metal casting with babbitt. Eccentric shaft pulley mounted at one end and the other end mounted flywheel.

Fourth, the flywheel: energy storage for air travel when moving jaw jaw crusher flywheel, and then for the industry to form, the mechanical work is in line tends to be uniform. Also plays a role in the flywheel pulley. Heavy learned from SBM, flywheel often cast iron or steel manufacturing, minicomputers often made integral flywheel. Flywheel manufacturing, pay attention to the installation of static equilibrium.

Fifth, the adjustment device in India: There wedge adjustment device, plate and hydraulic and other commonly used wedge type, composed by around two wedge, the wedge can be moved back and forth in front, back against the push plate; after wedge for adjusting wedge, can be moved up and down, the two wedges slope backward bonding, so that after the screw wedge by moving up and down to adjust the size of the discharge port.

Sixth, lubrication devices: the eccentric shaft bearings are usually centralized circulation lubrication. Spindle and thrust plate bearing surface generally use grease gun oil to the oil by hand. Movable jaw swing angle is very small, so that the lubrication difficulties, often in the bush at the bottom of the opening number of the axial oil groove between the spindle and the bush in the middle of a ring to open the tank so that it communicates, and then forced to inject dry butter oil pump lubrication.

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