Cone Crusher Eccentric Shaft Motion Analysis

Cone crusher eccentric shaft movement changes with each component of the gap, in order to make the taper crushing machine operation, reliable in formation of lubricating oil film on the surface of the friction, to error compensation of eccentric parts manufacturing and assembly, and to prevent the expansion and deformation of eccentric clamping component of hot, so the friction surface between the eccentric parts we must have the appropriate clearance. The following is the cone crusher eccentric shaft motion analysis.

The eccentric shaft pressure in the thin edge, the thin edge of the eccentric shaft sleeve pressure in the straight bushing, namely the eccentric parts clearance stay on the right side. Advantages of this state is a balance weight is small, eccentric shaft stress is smaller, easier to form oil film, improve the wear of the eccentric shaft sleeve. The disadvantage is the generation of additional impact and dynamic load, adverse to the crusher and foundation, increase the discharge opening size, to the disadvantage of crushing machine.

The eccentric shaft pressure in the thin edge, eccentric sleeve webbing pressure in the straight bushing, namely main shaft and cone sleeve gap on the right side, the eccentric shaft sleeve and straight bushing clearance on the left. The motion state of the advantages and disadvantages of the first movement and the opposite state.

In practice, the concentrator fine cone crusher required mine platoon has a smaller opening, this can get smaller size products. Therefore, the motion state of fine cone crusher generally use second eccentric parts.In the choice of the balance weight, exercise state adopts second eccentric parts, also need to try to keep the balance weight is small. If the balance weight is too large, will produce the eccentric shaft deflection phenomenon, affecting the normal operation of the crusher, and even make the spindle in the cone sleeve produced in the upper and lower export local contact, causing the cone crusher problems.

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