Ball Mill Operation With Animation

The ball mill operation is relatively simple, automatic control efficiency is very high, as long as do switch control can realize high efficient operation. Mainly in start-stop operation with animation two aspects.

According to the change of electric current when starting the appropriate to change, also need to pay attention to the ball mill continuous starting and not more than two times, two times at intervals of five minutes or more

When milling machine stop work, is also very important to stop operating the correct order, should turn off the feeder feeding stop, and then after about a minute, and then stop the engine, didn't stop blower after powder blowing, the last step is to close the analysis machine, operators should be strictly carried out in accordance with the order, or will cause some damage to the ball mill.

In addition to pay attention to the following five aspects about ball mill operation with animation:

(1) to the ore must be uniform, the particle size of the product meet the requirements.
(2) notice the discharge and transport belt running, so as to avoid the clogging accident.
(3) often check the pump, cooler, filter and the amount of oil temperature, oil return temperature should not exceed 60 DEG C.
(4) check the drainage water proof, if there is no water is not allowed to run.
(5) check the hydraulic locking cylinder, adjusting ring must be running under the locking status.

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