artificial sand making process

Impact crusher advantages superior performance, wide range of uses. Has the application of impact crusher in many fields, such as ore crushing, sand production, the production of building materials etc.. artificial sand making process is the third process.

In the artificial sand making process production line, material passes through a jaw crusher, and then to the crusher, after crushed again, finally meet customer demand. From the impact crusher manufacturers learned, crusher is a use of impact energy to stave machinery. In order to ensure the continued operation of crusher can better in sand production line, extend the service life of the crusher, the user should be to the crusher for regular maintenance and maintenance.

The equipment put into operation, each class at the end of artificial sand making process work must conduct a comprehensive inspection. A week after the operation to conduct a comprehensive inspection of motor, lubricated Impact crusher. Inspection includes the fixed parts of the fastening belt transmission, bearing, seal, counterattack lining board, liner wear all put a check, and combined with the maintenance cycle to establish regular repair and replacement system. Operating personnel should possess the technical level, to ensure the maintenance of equipment and maintenance are correct.

When artificial sand making process, often encounter the problem of crusher counterattack clearance adjustment of rotor and the counter machine lining board. When the rotor impact hammer crusher in the running state, the gap between the rotor and the counterattack lining board can not be adjusted. If the material into block between the impact plate and the shell, the operating personnel should be re adjust the gap between slightly raise counterattack frame, such as inlet block will become loose, counter frame easy adjustment.

When a period of time after the operation of equipment, crushing machine replacement of wearing parts.artificial sand making process the first after open shelves, first will put on the shelf in the box with the bolt is unloaded, the six angle of the head part and then use the wrench to flip device, to be opened after the replacement of shelves, each wearing parts. Impact crusher plate hammer wear to a certain degree should be timely adjust or change, in order to avoid fasteners and other parts of damage.

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